Curriculum Models Essay

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A Portfolio demonstrating research into two particular curriculum models or approaches and a poster presentation analysing the advantages and disadvantages of these approaches making links with curriculum theory. (3,250)

This essay will demonstrate research into the National Curriculum and Steiner education and how they are implemented within schools, the importance within the structure of the school and personal development Including the benefits and drawbacks of each approach. as well as examining the advantages and disadvantages within the curriculum theory exploring the aims, purposes content and structure. By the 1980’s a number of acts had been passed by the conservative government. Furthermore, in 1988, the National Curriculum
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Overall allowing desirable outcomes of the curriculum figure the content in comparison to a subjects academic worth. Nevertheless its advantages it comes with disadvantages such as it begins to discourage a vast amount of creativity for the pupil and the teacher as well as the curriculum becoming to subject and exam efficient. The purpose of the National Curriculum was to standardise the content taught across schools in order to enable assessment, which in turn enabled the compilation of league tables detailing the assessment statistics for each school. The curriculum follows the core of the content and objective driven models. A content driven curriculum with a set of subjects, based on the individual’s needs, as well as the societies. With some objective driven curriculum aiming constantly to reach an end result measured through assessment.
Thirdly is the process based curriculum known better as the child centred curriculum this particular model emphasises means rather than ends. It allows the learner to take part in deciding the complexion of the learning activities yielding the individual atmosphere. This model has many advantages such as allowing an active role for the
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