Curtis Chang Model Minority Myth

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Analyzing the Myth of the Model Minority
By Bluebird

In Streets of Gold: The Myth of the Model Minority by Curtis Chang, he discusses the stereotypes labeled against Asian-Americans and explains how the U.S. Society sees them as the “model minority”. He goes to the core of the “model minority” assumption, and shows the reader how the media heavily influences these ideas. He shows how cultural patterns within the Asian-American society fuel these ideas. Chang uses very interesting ways of presenting evidence by putting quotes within his piece thoughtfully, so that the quotes blend in with the paragraph. The author also has a humorous voice throughout the essay, which connects to the reader with the subject as if it were a one on one …show more content…

p. 289).” (Chang, 519) Assuming the reader knows every word, besides fallacious, the context of the word would make the sentence understandable to the reader. In this way, Chang very skillfully remained sophisticated in his writing, but enabled it to appeal to a larger audience. This strategy combined with his personal voice is an excellent way to connect the reader with the writing. The manner in which Chang presents his evidence never

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