Cyber-Attacks : Case Report

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Red Clay Renovation Senior Executives warrant confidence as they display that they are equivalent to the encounters or challenges they tackle. Nevertheless, as the encounters transform with new eras, the qualities we search for in our superiors may also transform. However, their core values should always endure and continue to stay unchanged. Today, as our line of work continues to progress we must maintain a loftier foresight of value and must preserve a greater role in improving our company’s scope of trust. There are three regions of interest that our company’s scope of trust and responsibility will commence with and happens to be what this report will encompass. One area of concern is how a disturbance in our computer system could …show more content…

Another type of cyber-attack that will affect the business is accomplished with brute force. With a brute force attack, an advanced algorithm is devised to do anything and everything to attack the company’s operating system. The attack achieves this by exploring and probing for weaknesses contained by the system, generally through password-protected structures. These cyber-attacks not only influence our business agenda, but they can also trigger a disruption in how our business pursues significant goals and the precedence that have erected our foundation for a balanced organization. So, just what is a disturbance to a computer system and how would these disturbances influence our business? Generally, a disruption to a computer system is anything that temporarily interrupts or in some circumstances, destroys the normal continuation of daily activity or overall production. ICON Investments, identifies interruptions to their operating system as any, “arising events that are wholly or partially beyond our control, which may include, for example, computer viruses or electrical or telecommunications outages, natural or man-made disasters, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, or tornados” (ICON Investments, n.d.). Our business trusts our systems to execute mechanisms essential to our ability to operate devices like the “smart home” controllers without interruptions. Frequent or extended disruptions to our systems function might significantly restrict

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