Cyber Bullying. Today, This Is The Most Popular Topic Amongst

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Cyber Bullying
Today, this is the most popular topic amongst the younger generation. The rise of technology has influenced our lives with the use of social networking sites and electronic devices predominant with today’s youth. What many adults are unaware of is bullying exists in many forms and is more common in the cyber world. In 2012, CBC news reporter Joan Leishman, aired “Cyber-bullying,” where she relates a story about a student named David Knight’s unbearable life entering the internet. Later in 2014, Rachel Simmons, a former Rhodes Scholar and the founding director of the Girls Leadership Institute, wrote an article titled “Cyberbullying is a Growing Problem.” Simmons’ article addressed the impact of cyber bullying in the 21st …show more content…

This situation with my nephew is not the first but one of the thousands in the world with cyber bullying or bullying in general. In my research for this report, I came across many situations on the internet about cyber bullying like the story of David, a student which reporter Leishman, Joan from CBC News talked about in the news report about “Cyber-bullying”. Leishman interviewed David about his life living through cyber bullying. In David’s case, bullying did not begin on the internet, but at school. The taunting, teasing, and punching for years led to harassment on the internet, including humiliation and the unbearable struggle David had to endure. David was uninformed about what someone put on the internet about him until his classmates sent him a message on the internet. David’s life took a drastic turn when he found an entire website dedicated to him where he was made fun of with photos and vile comments. Not only was David’s humiliation starting to escalate, but also the cyber bully asked others to evoke the same insults by posting lewd and sexual comments. David said some of the comments posted on the website were sexual accusations, “I was being accused of being a pedophile. I was accused of using the date rape drug on little boys”.
Condescending emails from other kids ruined David’s reputation and that he was the despicable person other students

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