Cyber Espionage And Cyber Terrorism

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The World Economic Forum published a Global Risks 2015 that 90% of companies worldwide admits on having being unprepared to protect themselves from any type of cyber-attacks. Large corporations like Target and Hope Depot has been target cyber security breach. That compromise thousands of employees and customers confidential information such as the social security number and credit cards accounts. But some small business weren’t so lucky, as cyber criminals took control of their entire network and completely destroying the whole company. Cybercrime will continue to rise over the years, as more people and businesses depend on the convenient of technology. As most cybercrime goes unreported to the public and only few companies would report network attack incidents. One common attacks that the public hasn’t paid any attention is cyber espionage or spying. In this essay, I will be discussing about the Mandiant Report and its relation to the cyber espionage that has been one of the most increasing security threat to the United States and the rest of the world. At the same time knowing about its author Kevin Mandia, who is behind the controversial report. The public has the right to know about what’s in this report and hopefully learn something from the evidence that supports this issue.

The Mandiant Report is a collective pieces of evidences about China’s cyber espionage unit known as the APT1. It was created by Kevin Mandia, who is former Air Force officer and the founder
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