Cynthia Hamlett Biography

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Cynthia Hamlett has been an English professor for almost two decades now and currently teaches at Crafton Hills College. People commend Mrs. Hamlett because she tells it how it is in a professional manner without holding anything back. She’s herself at all times and does not have to be fake in order to please anyone. She does not belittle any of her students and instead makes them feel at home by sharing personal experiences that she had while attending college. She makes English class fun all while assisting her students become far better writers than they were before taking her course. If someone were to wonder who Cynthia is as a person they should be informed that she is a joyous, family oriented woman who is extremely dedicated to her…show more content…
One would think that she could write novels in her sleep, but that was not the case. The student spoke about how she always stressed the importance of following your dreams no matter what stumbling blocks got in the way. Cynthia told her students that she wanted to be a teacher since she was a little girl. Her dad used to tell her that there was no money in teaching, but she did not care because teaching was were her heart was at. Money did not matter to her, what did matter was her happiness and the chance to do good in the world. She said that when she was younger she used to have a giant chalkboard by her bed and she would lineup all her stuffed animals and dolls next to the board and pretend to instruct them. Becoming a professor was her ultimate goal so the fact that she had two kids wasn’t going to stop her from going back to school to get her Masters degree which she eventually did. She also struggled to make ends meet when she worked at a grocery store bagging goods, but that did not deter her. This demonstrates that if one is fully committed to what they want to accomplish, there is no stopping them and with perseverance they shall triumph. When Cynthia shares her personal life stories it sits well with the class because some of the students are going through the same phases that she had to endure at one point in
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