Cyrano Plays Deceit to Win Love

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In Edmond Rostand’s play Cyrano De Bergerac, characters discuss about poetry, writings, eloquence, war, bravery and love. The main character, Cyrano is a noble man. People love him because he fearlessly shows his eloquence at the Hotel de Bourgogne Theatre one day. Since that day, everyone loves to hear his poetry and words he has to say. He is excellent in words and admired by many people. Throughout the play, Cyrano struggles with his large nose that became a stumbling block to embrace true love. Although he is homely, he should have taken the risk in telling Roxane about his love so she will not fall in love with Christian. Cyrano is an intelligent man but so overwhelm with his large nose. Other people talk and laugh about his nose. Hence, he does not have confidence pursuing Roxane. When Roxane admits that she is in love with Christian, he is upset and yet found a light knowing that Christian is not eloquent in expressing his feelings for her. Cyrano proposes that Christian will use his charm and he will use his eloquence to win Roxane’s heart. As Cyrano says In Roxane’s eyes you shall not be disgraced. Together, if you will, we can gain her love…(97)”. Cyrano’s proposal indicates his desperation and wanted to love Roxane even in a secret way in which helps Christian to win Roxane. With positive view for deception despite Christians doubt, Cyrano says “It will fit her like a glove! Human vanity is so credulous that Roxane will never doubt the letter was written for

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