Cyrogens are Great Improvements to Electrochemical Battery Technologies

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An automotive propulsion concept is presented which utilizes liquid nitrogen as the working fluid for an open Rankine cycle. The principle of operation is like that of a steam engine, except there is no combustion involved. Liquid nitrogen is pressurized and then vaporized in a heat exchanger by the ambient temperature of the surrounding air. The resulting high – pressure nitrogen gas is fed to the engine converting pressure into mechanical power. The only exhaust is nitrogen.
The usage of cryogenic fuels has significant advantage over other fuel. Also, factors such as production and storage of nitrogen and pollutants in the exhaust give advantage for the cryogenic fuels.

The importance of cars and usage also and not only the cars but also other automobile vehicle which is in the present world is increasing day by day. There are various points and terms that influence the choice of the car. This includes the efficiency, performance, fuel, pollution, emission which came during the combustion etc. As the prices of fuel (gasoline fuel, diseal ad others) are increasing and the availability and presence is decreasing we have to go for alternative choice.
Here I am going to tell you an automotive propulsion concept is presented which utilizes and use the nitrogen…
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