D-Day Facts

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D-day, the battle you truly didn’t know about. What do you know about D-day? A lot of people only know that it was during WWII or that it was a very bloody battle for both sides. But regular people don't know the weapons of the Americans, the British, or the Germans. Maybe the common people don’t know what fully happened on D-day, or maybe they don’t know all of the casualties and debt both sides faced. But who would know all these facts except for someone doing an essay? Maybe Jordan. This first paragraph will tell of the events where taken place on this historical advantage of America and D-day. “The Battle of Normandy was the last great set piece battle of the western world.” (Badsey Pg 6.) If the Allied front didn’t strategically win this fight, the Germans would’ve won the Second World War. So one of the main things performed on D-day was an air mission known as “Operation Overlord”, an airdrop of Air Force Division 101 and Air Force Division 82 from above the Normandy beaches. They dropped a couple minutes after midnight , becoming very separated from everyone others after drop, land …show more content…

Americans were usually armed with a Colt 1911A1, a Thompson M1A1 submachine gun, and some Mark II A1 frag grenades. Sometimes they were equipped with US M1 Carbines, Browning M2 12 0,7mm LMG’s, even M1 “Bazooka”s. Germans, with the most weaponry, were typically armed with the usually armed with a Mauser C96 pistol, a Schmeisser MP40 submachine gun, and some Stielhandgranate 24 hand grenades. The special hill bunker squads had MG 42’s to Fg 42’s mounted inside them. The german assault squadron used Gewehr 43s, Panzerschreck 43s, or Abwehrflammenwerven 42 flamethrowers. The british had the least amount of arms when it came to weapons, but drastically made it up in the vehicles they brought to D-day. A common British soldier was typically armed with an Enfield N°2 Mark 1, and a Sten Mark

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