DECA Officer Position

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A time I held a leadership position was this year for DECA. I was an involved member of DECA as a freshman, and I had been thinking of running for the vice president position as a sophomore. What really solidified my reservations was when the DECA teacher, Mrs. McGhee, asked me to run for an office. She told me that she noticed I was an invested member and that I would be a good asset to the board. I was so thankful she made this comment because that position in DECA was one of the things that really sparked my interest in leadership, and it helped me to learn more about how I lead. I was stressed at first because I was the first underclassman to ever be in a DECA officer position. When I showed up to the first officer meeting the next year, …show more content…

I was the vice president of promotion, and I performed a great deal of the promotion work and helped the other officers with their responsibilities. I organized an entrepreneur guest speaker to come in. I emailed the speaker and met with her outside of school to arrange the details of the event. Fortunately, the speaker visitation was a great success. Mrs. McGhee recognized my hard work and in addition to the role of vice president of promotion, she assigned me the position of vice president of community service. That same night, I went to work and contacted the local food bank to organize a volunteering opportunity for the DECA club. After volunteering there, my fellow officers and DECA members were so inspired with serving the less fortunate that some of them have come back to volunteer many times. Furthermore, DECA members signed up to work in the school’s retail store in the mornings, and I noticed very few people were fulfilling their duties as a worker in the retail store. This was really hurting us as a club because we weren’t making that much of an income due to the lack of adequate

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