DHS Nuclear Preparedness Agency (FEMA)

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Nuclear preparedness:
Preparedness is defined as a continuous cycle of training, organizing, equipping and taking effective actions with efforts to ensure effective coordination during incident response, this cycle is considered one element of national preparedness system to respond to and prevent any disaster, attack or strike.
Disasters can strike people in any community in any time or without warning. Whatever the scenario, as the federal government emergency management and preparedness agency [FEMA] is part of the responders, their mission is to help communities nationwide to protect themselves from all hazards and to reduce the loss of life and property. FEMA supports the nations in a comprehensive emergency management system of preparedness
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Nuclear Security:
Nuclear terrorism is described to be an extreme threat to global security, any radiological or nuclear attacks on the U.S would cause in dire and profound consequences for the country.
DHS nuclear detection and forensic missions are considered the key elements of the U.S government’s wide ranging approach to prevent any attack, also DHS coordinates the U.S government interagency efforts to develop the global nuclear detection architecture [GNDA], it is a framework of detecting through technical an non technical means and analyzing nuclear and radioactive materials that are out of regulatory control. The programs supporting the global nuclear detection architecture create a multi-layered defensive network to detect interdiction radiological and nuclear material out of regulatory control.
Improving detection:
DHS has also improved the detection technologies and increased the number of law enforcement personnel trained in detection-related
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