DNA Information System : The Use Of The Combined DNA Index System

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Imagine a world from where the second you are born, you have a sample of DNA taken, and it gets entered into a national database to ensure a safer world. For some, the thought of having something so personal and unique to you in a national system is appalling, and for others, the thought of being able to find the perpetrator of a crime easily with the help of DNA is more important to them than having private information introduced into a database. Today, while not yet universal, DNA databases are used by multiple government departments. DNA is the material in all living things that carries genetic information. It is unique for every individual, with the exception of twins, and by reading DNA, it is possible to identify someone. Human DNA…show more content…
Some may claim that a universal DNA database invades privacy and basic rights, but the fear over any possible invasion of privacy is minor. In fact, former New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani declared, "The opposition to DNA on the theory that this invades privacy- which comes mostly from the ACLU- is no more compelling than the opposition to fingerprinting when it first started,” (Marzilli 36).The objection to a universal DNA database is just like the objection to fingerprinting, which today is accepted in society and no one fears their privacy is invaded for fingerprinting.For those who oppose a universal DNA database because of the chance that they will be denied a job because of genetic history, do not have to worry. The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA), passed in 2008, prohibits any employer from denying an individual a job due to their genetic information. Everyone is allowed an equal chance at a job (EEOC). GINA protects everyone from experiencing discrimination in the workplace, and due to this act, people should not be opposed to a DNA database because they are protected from discrimination. Some also argue that the methods of obtaining DNA are invasive. Jim Wooley, an attorney, spoke to an audience of law enforcement officers that a method such as using a buccal swab, or using a cotton swab to rub against the inside of an individual’s cheek, may not initiate a search, explaining that, "Because it's so easy to get them, you don't have an
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