Essay on DR Smelly: A Short Story

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That drive to nevada about did me in . Can you say PTSD ..thought you could! ...i went straight from the road to my bed counting the minutes til my scheduled DR visit . DR smelly I call him ( not his real name i call him that because it rhymes ) When he finally came in , he said " whoa kid, what has you all fired up today ! like you are wired or something..RELAX !! and i said "well ,i just drove straight through from Oklahoma city to Vegas ! It took a lots of hours, not sure how many But we ran into storm "gemini" in flagstaff or somwhere there abouts ..not sure how many hours it took or even what day it is ! Couldn't remember if my appointment was for 2 or 3pm .I tried to lay down when i got home but I couldn't sleep for worrying if I …show more content…

That's understandable ,maybe even a good thing sometimes but it makes U a very difficult patient to treat really should come see me on a more regular basis rather than just every few months when someone says you are driving them nuts and they are about to strangle you ... In fact .It is NOW the law according to Obama .I have to see my patients that i prescribe regular medication to on a once a month basis and prescribe the same thing for at least six months and if it appears to be working ,document every thing very closely ..what this means for me when you don't is TONS of paperwork ,unfortunate as that is .. SO please ...just take the pills as Prescribed and cooperate so i can try to help you ...ok ? " I WAS LIKE.. " OH MY GOD , IT'S TRUE WHAT THEY SAY about the medical profession .. I AM NO LONGER AN INDIVIDUAL allowed to have a say in my own treatment and care ..i have to exactly as they say , keep every appointment or i lose my insurance ? I cannot get treatment ?well ..DAMN THEM ! who ever they are, for making rules that clearly I won't likely be able to follow ! HELLO people ..organization and memory and keeping appointments well that kind of goes along with .. MY medical issue ..HOW IRONIC is that !!..I sat there caught up in my own little thoughts..about how i was JUST A NUMBER , a statistic, a mere grain of sand and on an endless beach of those without voices ..just a small part of some huge scientific experiment in mind control !!feeling like well

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