Dally's Death Analysis

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The novel could have changed in many ways if Dally hadn’t died. Many people would have been affected too. Dally was a very important character in the story. He did many things to help his gang out. To begin with, he helped Johnny and Ponyboy out by giving them money and directions to help them after they killed a soc. The story changed in many ways when Dally died. First off, the gang is really torn apart. Second off, Ponyboy couldn’t tell Dally what Johnny wanted him to tell Dally. Third off, It caused a lot of stress on the rest of the gang. And finally, Pony now has a story to tell about how Johnny and Dally died on the same night. The novel would be very different if Dally didn’t die. First off, Pony could have told Dally all of the things that Johnny wanted to tell him. Second off, the novel would have a better, happier, ending. Third off, Dally would act very different with Johnny gone. Finally, the gang wouldn’t be torn apart and it wouldn’t cause stress on the rest of the gang.…show more content…
For starters, Dally would have gone to jail for robbing that store. Secondly, Dally would have been able to see a sunset. Next, Dally would be very sad with no family caring about him and with Johnny gone. The novel could have had a better, ending too. And finally, Dally would have appreciated life a lot more. Dally planned for himself to die from the cops. I don't think that this was a good choice because he really changed the end of the story. If Dally didn’t die, the story would have changed a lot. All of these things would really change the story a lot. Dally did a lot to help the greasers and it wouldn’t be the same without
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