Dance On The Water Analysis

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The Devil That Danced on the Water, a memoir written by the talented Modern World Literature author, Aminatta Forna made its debut in 2002; just in time to contribute to healing the brokenness of a society and their leftover open wounds from the aftermath of the civil war in Sierra Leone. In this analysis research paper, I will discuss how the author extends her writing to address an entire society, as well as ordinary families and individuals that have experienced the horror and corruptness that broken politics can bring upon a group of people. More narrowed, I will focus on my particular interpretation and argument of the reading; not the author’s work to honor her father by tracking down the truth, but rather her ability to use her personal experiences in a way that inspires a more hopeful, courageous, educated and independent population throughout all of the world affected by war and hate, particularly West Africa.
Aminatta, a woman of many cultural backgrounds, contributes multiple perspectives of her writing, which helps readers understand differing cultures. Her mother was Scottish, her father was from Sierra Leone and finally her influential step-mother fled with Aminatta and her siblings to make a life for them in England as the downfall of democracy began in Sierra Leone. This two-part book evolved as a collection of piecing together memories and discoveries leading to the uncovered mystery behind Mohamed Forna’s public execution during Aminatta’s childhood. After

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