Dances With Wolves And Avatar

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“Dances with Wolves and Avatar: Similar but Different” Dances with Wolves and Avatar are thought to be very different, but they are actually more similar than viewers may realize. First off, these are two must see films! The viewer walks away with much more than just having seen a movie. Both of these movies encourage cultural understanding, motivate, and teach individuality. Dances with Wolves and Avatar are alike in plot and cultural significance. These two films are alike in plot because in both films, two men, John Dunbar and Jake Sully, willingly put themselves into a completely new culture and lifestyle. They learn to adapt to the differences and learn a new way of life in order to survive. For example, in the movies Dances with Wolves and Avatar, John Dunbar and Jake Sully had to learn each tribe’s way of life, such as their language, hunting, and self-defense. Eventually, the two men are recognized as part of a tribe, for John the Sioux Indian Tribe and for Jake the Na’vi Tribe. These two films are alike in cultural significance because they both show the viewer not to believe all that is said about individuals, races, and cultures. In the two films, both tribes were first looked at as evil enemies, but once the two men each took the time to get to know the individuals and the tribes as a whole, they realized that it was all just a lie. The Sioux and Na’vi were actually nice people who just felt threatened by the outsiders. The tribes needed to look intimidating so

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