Dancing With the Death Penalty

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First of all death penalty is morally wrong. David Kennedy, director of the center for Crime Prevention and Control at John Jay college of Criminal Justice said,”...the application of power without justice is brutal. And there is nothing democratic about brutality”(Johnson2). This is statement is true. Killing someone is brutal and is not the most humane way of handling the situation. There is movement on mandatory minimums (sentencing), there is movement on solitary confinement, there is movement on the death penalty (Johnson2). Societies belief that all life is sacred would be violated by death penalty. Solitary confinement would be the most democratic way to deal with felons or offenders. That is my reasoning on why I believe death penalty is morally wrong. Secondly, Death penalty is difficult for state correction officials. The sole question is whether state correction officials are required to publicly reveal the drugs and methods to be used to carry out the execution (Richey1). If felons were put in prison there would be no need for state correction officials to reveal all of that information because the drugs and methods would not be used to begin with. Lawyers of death row inmates say they must know this information so that they can adequately protect their clients form unnecessary pain and suffering during state authorized lethal injections (Richey1). This makes a lot more work for state correction officials. On top of that it makes the whole process longer. Last
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