Dangerous Life in Tijuana

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"¡Ey!¡Ey!¡Porque!?" Yelled the clerk, as I ran out with a bottle of liquor.It was getting dark,and Tijuana during the day may be a beautiful place but at night it's one of the most dangerous places to be in all of Mexico. I ran into a diner and snuck into one the of booths. My heart was pounding outside my Chest and as I was catching my breath I hear a voice. "Juan!.. Juan!?" I turned my head and spot a man in a white suit carrying a leather suitcase "Hola my friend , it's been a look....terrible!" Rafael exclaimed "What happened you used to look great" "I stopped amigo it's too dangerous now a days cops are everywhere" I said Like me Rafael is also a coyote and he seemed to be doing great for himself We spent the night talking and he convinced me to start again except this time try his new route instead of mine "How early can you start" "I'm ready when you are" Within the next week I started to prepare for one of the most dangerous things I dreaded to do in the first place. March 2, 2011 the group was told to get a good night sleep the night before. Many strangers who knew this may be the last group of people they ever see. 15 of them split up into three groups in order to balance the men and women. I warned them ahead of time that they must listen to all directions, "Do not fall behind, I will have to leave you, we MUST leave you, there are going to be dangers from all direction, on this side and on the other side. No one is going to give you a

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