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The Terrifying Tower of Terror
It 's a dreary morning, the sky was blocked by clouds that looked like they were about to pour on me at any moment. I stared at the Tower of Terror 's entrance. Then I started my way in. My visit to the
Tower of Terror is one memory I will never forget. My raging emotions on that ride was once in a lifetime. Out of all the rides at Disneyworld, it was my favorite.though I 've been on many amusement park rides, though my favorite was of course the Tower of Terror. I went on it with my mom and my brother this past summer when we went to Disneyworld. I t was one of the best days of my life and one I won 't ever forget, no matter what.
I was about one step away from entering the most popular and scariest …show more content…

Then the line started moving forward. As I made my way though the corridors, the line finally shortened and we went through a door that led to what seemed like a boiler room and basement. There were boilers in every corner and I all most ran into one! Finally we stopped in front of an elevator with dim green lights shining on the doors. After we stood there for about three minutes, we heard a ding like the elevator was coming and the doors opened. Once I had heard the ding, I had already known that it was our turn to get on and I was terrified.
I started walking in, taking shaky steps as I sat down and braced myself for the scariest ride I will have ever been on. Before I had gotten on my brother told me to get good seats, so I sat in the very front.
It took a while for everybody to get on so I sat there waiting for the people to stop coming on, but my head was clouded with thousands of thoughts like, what if the ride got stuck or will I get sick? Before I could ask my mom if she thought everything was going to be fine when the doors shut and I realized that everybody was already seated and buckled in. So I took deep breaths and tried to calm myself when suddenly, it started to move and the lights switched off. Then dim lights like the ones at a hospital at night turned on casting a faint glow across the elevator. It showed scenes from Hollywood 's most glamorous era, the 1950 's, then at the end it showed a picture of a family

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