The Tower Of Terror - Original Writing

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The Terrifying Tower of Terror
It 's a dreary morning, the sky was blocked by clouds that looked like they were about to pour on me at any moment. I stared at the Tower of Terror 's entrance. Then I started my way in. My visit to the
Tower of Terror is one memory I will never forget. My raging emotions on that ride was once in a lifetime. Out of all the rides at Disneyworld, it was my favorite.though I 've been on many amusement park rides, though my favorite was of course the Tower of Terror. I went on it with my mom and my brother this past summer when we went to Disneyworld. I t was one of the best days of my life and one I won 't ever forget, no matter what.
I was about one step away from entering the most popular and scariest attraction there was at
Disneyworld. The Tower of Terror. Once I stepped in, there was no going back. I was waiting in line with my brother and mom, since my cousin, sister, and dad were too scared to go on it with us. We 've been waiting in line for about 10 minutes, and we were there fresh and early, before the lines got long and the people had to wait for what would have felt like an eternity. When I stepped into the ride 's line/ waiting area I was greeted by dim lighting and a hotel décor. The room decorated to look like an old rundown
Hollywood hotel, with a desk with room keys hung behind it. The whole room was covered in dust and cobwebs. But the most startling thing about the room was an eagle statue on a dark wood table. The eagle was in…
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