Dangers Of Driving And Driving Essay

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Legal Driving Age Controversy Here’s a scenario: seventeen-year-old Ashley has mandatory play practice at her high school tonight. Because her mom and dad are at work, she doesn’t have anyone to take her. Usually, in an event like this, she would be able to drive herself to school. Except, the state has just released a law ensuring that anyone under the age of eighteen cannot operate a car. The state legislature should not raise the legal driving age to eighteen because it gives teenagers the independence they have been longing for, parents will no longer have to chauffeur their children around, along with the teens running errands and performing tasks for their parents, and car ownership and driving teaches teenagers the values of trustworthiness and responsibility. The ownership of a motor vehicle and the ability to drive provides teenagers with a sense of independence that they desire. As the teenagers grow up, they will inevitably have to live their own life at some time, and driving and car ownership is the introduction to this. Teenagers need the feeling that they are growing up, and don’t need to rely on their parents as much as they once did. In the article, “Reasons That Teenagers Should Be Able to Drive”, it states, “Driving is an important milestone that allows teenagers to transition from childhood into adulthood independently. Having access to a driver’s license means that your child can get from point A to point B alone -- and this is of major importance to

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