Dangers Of Exponential Technology

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Dangers of the Exponentials Exponential technologies can potentially pose great dangers to the human race. Although, not to the extent people believe. Simply put, “The wrong technology in the wrong hands leads nowhere good.” This brings us to topics such as bioterrorism, cyber attacks, and Robotics or artificial intelligence leading to potential unemployment for skilled workers. Bioterrorism is no joke, it is more prevalent than most would assume. Technology is becoming increasingly easier to use and cheaper to access, making biological attacks and hacks practically inevitable. The threat of a biological attack alone can produce negative impacts all over the world economically, psychologically, and society as a whole. The good news is that these threats have called for more regulation on the distribution of technology and reagents. The issue at hand is that it may not have the greatest or desired effect. Often times, banning something creates a black market for those dedicated to exploiting it. The result of almost anything made illegal, is organized crime. “Our greatest resource to combat emerging natural and artificial biological threats is an open and broadly distributed technological capability. Regulation that is demonstrably ineffective in improving security could easily end up stifling the technological innovation required to improve security.” We need regional facilities that are able to rapidly distribute vaccines and antiviral drugs in cities worldwide to

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