Dangers Of Fishing In Australia

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Certificate III EAL (Access) Student Name: Wan Teng,TEOH ID : GEC000009S VU21466 Unit Assessment Task 1 Interpret an informational oral text 1. Peter interviews Greg. 2. Fishing. 3. Relaxed and informal. 4. Has interviewed Greg before. 5. Has a television program. 6. -The benefits of fishing. - Popularity of fishing in Australia. -The fact that fishing can be enjoyed by all ages. -The variety of fishing available in Australia. -The problem of reduced numbers of fish. -Tips for safe fishing. -The dangers of rock fishing. 7. *beautiful *lovely *dried-up *enormous *popular *fishing *old/young *street *pin-ball *perfect *Fabulous 8. I like fishes and fishing. I like to fish from the pier or at the creeks.
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