Dangers Of Online Dating

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Statistics show that people who use online dating sites or dating apps has been increasing yearly. Dating digitally is easy, no one has to get ready or travel to meet people. There are sites and apps dedicated to certain groups of people, meaning no one will feel excluded, when searching for love. Almost as if there couldn’t be a reason why someone shouldn’t try it, just once. Multiple people have reported using dating sites at least once in their lives, considering it’s trendy. In the past two years, 18 to 24 year olds who have reported using dating sites or apps have tripled, while the number of 55 to 64 year olds using the sites have doubled (Smith). Since digital dating and hookup culture is on the rise, so are the potential dangers behind it, which include: scammers, fake profiles, and physical harm. The majority of apps have come to someone deciding if they want to meet someone based on their looks, but what about who they are and their past? Most people assume that the risk of online dating is low, and if there is a threat it won’t happen to them. Probably since the media doesn’t cover the hazards for dating online. It isn’t about where they met, it’s about what happened after they met. All in all, people don’t know how to spot the red flags of potential harm.
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Looking closer into some cases, the results of a few dates from the online world went awry. A few examples of meeting up from online sites are the TV show
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