Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit's Impacts on the World of Measuring

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Everything is measured, even the hottest and the coldest temperatures can be measured, and in that case, the word fahrenheit comes into use. the book Word People by Nancy Sorel, defines fahrenheit as “pertaining to a temperature scale that registers the freezing point of water as 32 F and the boiling point as 212 F under standard atmospheric pressure” (Sorel 99). But the word fahrenheit, itself has its history of its creation, and was named after a physicist engineer, named Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit. Fahrenheit would soon change the world of measuring.

Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit was born on Danzig, Germany in 1869. He was one of Concordia and Daniel Schumann Fahrenheit’s five children. He was the oldest amongst his two brothers and three sisters, whom all survived throughout their childhood. Fahrenheit’s mother was the daughter of a well known Danzig business family (Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit Biography ) . His father was a wealthy merchant, and therefore his family was a merchant family, they in several Hanseatic cities . According to the book Word People by Nancy Sorel, at the age of fifteen, both of his parents suddenly died from eating poisonous mushrooms on August 14, 1701 (Sorel 99). His guardian sent him to Amsterdam, Netherlands to study business, where he spent most of his life.


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