Danielle Cormack Character Analysis

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While everyone is trying to figure out who is going to be the next dog in Wentworth season 5, Danielle Cormack still stands up for her character and those like Bea. In the show, Danielle Cormack plays Bea Smith. Smith is a victim of an abusive husband. She escapes from the domestic violence life by killing him off as self defense.

But her act brought her to Wentworth prison. After being the lead role for four seasons, Bea Smith is absent in Wentworth season 5. However, just because she is not present in the show, it does not mean her memory isn’t. Cormack stays true to her character, even after death. She continues to make an impact by campaigning against domestic violence and abuse. The Bea Smith actress joins other celebrities for this cause. …show more content…

And her role appeals to viewers who see themselves as victims. She hopes they find strength from her character. In response to this need, she partners with Cosmopolitan, cites The Daily Mail. She echoes the voices of the men and women suffering domestic violence abuse. Abuse covers beyond physical, even sexual and verbal. Even the rest of the Wentworth gang supports this cause. They all wear bruises, wounds and scars made of words.

Cormack is not letting this opportunity slide. Considering there are fans out there who approaches her and thanks her for being their inspiration for their courage to fight for themselves.

But if the crew is busy posing for this campaign, what is happening to Wentworth season 5? Foxtel continues to keep quiet about anything and everything related to the season. Even the replacement of Bea Smith is confidential. One day, they are bound to release information regarding the cast somehow. Smith’s story is still a good content to bring in season 5. Will the show runners bring in another heroine for the cause? Watch out for Wentworth season 5 to premiere around the tentative month of May

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