Allie Cawton Character Analysis

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On a normal day at West Wilson Middle School, Mrs.Williamson’s class was learning about the Cawton Family heritage. Allie Smithing was an above average girl and the worst lesson she has every had happened that week. Allie Cawton was a nice lady that lived on Tate Lane with her husband W.N. Tate. General Tate was a mean and abusive slave owner. Mr.Tate locked Allie Cawton in a basement never to be seen again.
Allie Smithing has no living relatives, but her mom’s, grandpa’s, uncle’s, cousin is General Tate. Allie Cawton want to seek revenge on all of Mr.Tates living relatives and she had already done it for the rest of her family. It was a mystery of why they died, but know we know.
Allie was walking to the bleachers with her friend Becka

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