Danielle Van Dam Case

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The crime scene is actually in two places because it starts at the resident of the Van Dam’s which is where the initial crime occurred in the room of Danielle van Dam. From this point officer’s should be able to gather some evidence of the type of crime that happened and start to collect all of the apparent evidence. To see if anything was left behind to see if a comparison can be made as to who have all been at the Van Dam residence to analyze and question all to find who could or would want to kidnap Danielle. The second crime scene in question is the home of the Van Dam’s neighbor David Westerfield because it was discovered that he was the main suspect of the kidnapping of Danielle van Dam. There was some of Danielle’s DNA at the home of Mr. Westerfield in which it was stated that she was being held there after she was abducted from her home. Once the police were called by the parents of Danielle when they discovered that she was missing. The next crime scene is the motor home of David Westerfield was stocked with supplies on Saturday morning when he left his home minutes after Brenda Danielle’s mother called the police to report her daughter missing. The motor home became the main crime scene because it yields the most evidence and it is where the crime of kidnapping and murder occurred just from the trace evidence that was left behind by the victim such as blood stains, fingerprints and hair …show more content…

This will help him to find things that could be out of place. And record what they find on a digital recorder. So that they have something to reference to while they are going over the crime scene. They have to ask themselves questions like does anything look out of place? What odors maybe noticeable and are there any unusual sounds. This gives the technician and idea of what to look for while approaching the

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