Dante 's The Divine Comedy

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In the Divine Comedy, more specifically Inferno, Dante as a person changes. Dante Alighieri wrote the Divine Comedy in the early 1300s in his early 30s. In the beginning of the book Dante mentions being midway through his life. Now, Dante is a religious man, and has read the entire Bible. In the book of Psalms within the Bible, God says that a man’s life is three score and a decade, or seventy years. Using this information, we can gather that Dante is 35 years old at the start of Inferno.
In his Divine Comedy, Dante journeys through all the different levels of Hell with his guide Virgil keeping him safe and informed. There are nine circles of Hell, each descending into the next, with every lower circle containing a worse punishment for a …show more content…

In the second circle, we have those who were lustful in life. The punishment for these sinners is to be constantly, violently tossed around by a massive storm, which prevents them from “getting in the mood.” Here we also see the ruins of Hell below the storm, the ruination caused by the coming of Jesus. When he came, it created a massive earthquake in Hell, which destroyed and damaged many parts of it.
The third circle houses those who are guilty of Gluttony, or being so focused on habits and focusing on the wrong things in life that they ignored God. These people are forced to live in a very cold, very gross, putrescent slush. They are also constantly hunted by Cerberus, who either eats and digests them (as they are dead already, they survive this process) or crushes them under his massive weight.
As mentioned earlier, each circle holds sinners that are considered “worse” than others. In this case, that means that God weighs poor habits as worse than Lust. Many people do not share this opinion, and by this time, few people consider Gluttony a sin at all. The circle of Lust is higher than the circle of Gluttony, which would give the impression that Gluttony is worse than Lust. Both sides can be argued, however.
Seeing Lust as Gluttony makes sense, as, at first glance, it would seem that Lust would take over someone’s life much easier than bad habits. However, it is also understandable to

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