Darwin 's Theory Of Evolution

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Another issue is that Darwin’s theory has many holes the scientists are unable to fill. These holes are obvious in Dwain’s theory of evolution. Craig Belanger works for EBSCO Publishing he stated in his Biography of Charles Darwin, which was found on the TRC database under Book Collection Nonfiction: High School Edition Belanger said that,
Although there are many facets to Darwin 's theory of evolution by natural selection, at its core is the idea that a species ' ability to evolve is based on its natural selection of traits that enable survival, while traits which interfere with survival are gradually weeded out during the process of reproduction. This process of selection has come to be equated with "survival of the fittest," a term which Darwin did not coin and which did not appear in his own work until later editions of "On the Origin of Species. (Belanger)
This idea that evolution happens through natural selection of the traits that evolve and are weeded out through reproduction is not always true, not all animals that evolve, or humans for that matter pass on the best traits because some aren’t all that great. Here are some examples to prove this; they came from a researcher for the Berkeley evolution section from their article titled, Misconception of Evolution under the subheading Misconception: Natural selection is the survival of the very fittest individuals in a population. The article says that “for example, a plant may not have the genes to flourish in a…

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