Data Analysis And Storage Of Information Technology

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Emergence of information technology by mid 20th century has greatly impacted the society. Information sharing has grown with voluminous data being accessed through cloud computing and efficient user interface. This has not only improved interaction between computer & user but also users among users themselves. Meta data analysis and storage of information have become a vital component in business intelligence with most firms, organizations reporting increased mobile application installation. Resource outsourcing and subcontracting of expertise have marked the epitome of trends in information technology advancement.

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This was indicated by a cloud symbol, clients wanted to eliminate this boundaries to push for equal sharing of online resources without limits leading to the rise of cloud computing.
Cloud computing services have been widely accepted by many business ventures mainly because of its positive benefits. It enables economics of scale by enabling allocation of data on demand when necessary unlike in the traditional model, this reduces cost of operation. Virtualization fits as the backbone of cloud computing. It involves creation of external version/ platform similar to original where one can carry out tasks similar to those of an original platform on the host computer. The host computer is one on which virtualization takes place (Rountree & Castrillo, 2014).
A client logs in the host computer and to access the cloud computing service he must apply virtualization software. Most of the times this is a browser app which allows secure login access to the guest computer. From the host computer the client can access all necessary data files in the guest computer. It is flexible as a user with a Microsoft Os can open an Ubuntu work files from the guest computer for data modification and manipulation. This workstation on the host computer is similar to that of original guest computer work station.
The guarantee of ease of access and better security is above standards. It enhances fast implementation and reduces business costs. This

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