Data Integrity Concern Over Cloud Computing Essay

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The ever growing need for the data in Information technology organizations has always lead to invent new services to meet the data needs, whether it is in the form of software, platform, hardware or storage. Cloud computing provides this services to organizations with cost effective methodologies like pay per service, network access, on-demand self-service. Organizations no more have to worry about storage overhead. This services has made huge impact on the organizations business process (Q. Wang, C.Wang, and Ren) (2011). At the same time with increase in technological services, the ever growing services are restricted due to security. Organizations use storage as a service to store their data remotely over cloud however the security of data is not guaranteed which leads to problems like data integrity, data availability, and data correctness. Various models has been proposed to address this data integrity concern over cloud (Chakraborty, Dhami, bansal), (2013). This various models gives opportunity to extend the solutions required to solve data integrity problems. This various model introduces a Third Party Auditor (TPA) which take care of data verification between client and cloud vendors and overcomes the problem of data integrity. Organizations give their data to cloud to store them and perform various dynamic operations like update, insert or delete. This paper analyze the advantages and disadvantages of TPA whether or not TPA are the good fit for organizations or we

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