Data Loss Prevention

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We exist in a state of information security today where we are constantly looking for new defensive systems to protect ourselves from data breaches. More specifically, we want to protect our precious data from being lost or stolen by cyber criminals. Data loss prevention, also known as DLP, has been deployed more often to help solve the problem. You have numerous reasons why organizations have failed at data loss prevention, but DLP becomes a method of detecting potential breaches and monitoring the data. Here are some states that you can find your data in:

Data in Motion
Data in Use
Data at Rest

Data in motion happens when the data gets transmitted over networks. Data in use is when it is being accessed through an "end point," and data at rest is when the system is storing the data. What is data loss prevention? This is a system that prevents the loss of credit cards, social security numbers and other sensitive information. You have to plan DLP properly for it to be the most effective, and one of the biggest mistakes that you can make in this realm is to rely on your security teams for implementing a data protection program. If their system fails, then you will have no way of preventing further losses.

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You have a dozen different names for the various technological approaches, and it can be hard to know the value of your tools for specific environments. Encryption and USB port control has sometimes been referred to as data loss prevention tools, but whenever you are looking at DLP tools, make sure that some of the features include enforcement capabilities and detection. That can stop a problem before it snowballs into a more expensive concern. Sometimes DLP products are not dedicated to protecting your content, which is why you want to look for the distinction. Understanding these key differences can help you to keep your data

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