Dathon: A Fictional Narrative

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For several minutes, they slogged on through the reeds. The misty vapors of the fog settled on them, leaving their clothes wet and bodies chilled. “What in the name of the Creator are we doing? There is nothing here,” Dathon groused aloud. But just as he finished speaking, from out of the mist appeared a raised embankment, embellished with low scraggly trees. Beyond which two hulking stone towers jutted insolently into the overhead fog. A pair of battered curtain walls ran between the towers, and where time and the elements had assaulted them, piles of rubble splayed about their foundations. Gall sat on his horse before a large gate, its ancient portcullis set firmly into place blocking their entrance.
“What is this place?” Dathon asked aloud. …show more content…

“Is that to keep us in?”
“Yes,” Gall replied with a crooked smile, “and to keep others out.”
“But you said nothing ventures into the marsh at night,” Brecc answered.
Gall shook his head, “Other things roam the bog at night. It is from these we must keep the gates closed, and the fire lit.”
“What things?’” Dathon immediately asked.
Gall’s face reddened. Lunging forward, he seized Dathon by the front of his tunic, lifted him up and slammed him up against the stone wall of the fortress. “Since you are so curious, after dark, I will take you outside and let you find out for yourself.”
The Magus gritted his teeth and latched on to Gall’s hand, but could not pry the man’s grip off him.
Piers drew his short sword. Brecc wedged himself between Gall and the Magus. “That is enough, gentlemen,” he announced.
Gall spat. “As you wish – your majesty.” Abruptly he let go, and the Magus dropped like a stone. With a yelp, Dathon landed heavily, but Brecc caught him by the arm and kept him upright.
“Touch me again barbarian,” Dathon swore, straightening his robe, “and you will die – plan or no …show more content…

“What difference will that make? We will all perish Magus, and usually in a manner of someone else’s choosing. The only question is when, and for some, the answer will come sooner than they think.” At that, he turned and walked away.
“Was that a threat?” Brecc wondered aloud.
Dathon watched him go. The truth of the man’s words was more pertinent than he thinks.
Gall snared his horse’s reins and walked over to the gate. Piers ran over to him. “Where do you think you are going?”
“To check the pass,” Gall muttered without enthusiasm.
Piers cocked his head, “But won’t it be dark when you

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