You Liar: A Narrative Fiction

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- - - - - - - - - - - - You Liar - - - - - - - - - - - - Eduard frowns when Ludwig walks into the room, and then the Baltic is leaning forwards to get off the bed, rushing over to Ludwig and wrapping his hands around his neck. They have made it back to their little hide out and Ludwig regrets bringing Eduard with him when he went back to the main house. However his boss had asked for Ludwig to bring along the nation that was helping him come up with some plans, and he couldn't say no and being back there made Eduard sad. “I'm sorry.” Ludwig mutters into soft hair, voice tight as he knew that Estonia would be forcing back tears. Once the other nations that his men had taken over found out that Eduard was helping him there was a ruckus, hoarse screaming from other nations and Estonia trying to explain himself logically. Even Poland, the nation that probably knew more than any other looked at him with disdain. When things did finally die down and Estonia had met with his boss, forcing shakes from his hands, Ludwig couldn't get a single word from him. Every word spoken was directed towards his boss or to the other men in the room. “He is someone we should keep on our side.” His boss had mentioned when they were leaving, to go back to the main house to stay there for the night, Estonia walking ahead. “Of course sir.” Ludwig had nodded in agreement because he did agree; he wanted to keep Estonia (mostly Eduard because Eduard was the one he fell in love with, not that

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