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David Albert is a professor of philosophical foundations of physics at Columbia University in New York. He got his Bachelors degree in Physics from Columbia University and a Doctorate in Theoretical physics at Rockefeller University. In 2012, Dr. Albert got into a public dispute with Lawrence Krauss who is a theoretical physicist and cosmologist. He is also the Foundation Professor of the school of Earth and Space exploration at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona.
Dr. Krauss wrote a book called A Universe from Nothing where he stated that religion is now irrelevant because science can now prove that something can come from nothing. Dr. Albert read and wrote a scathing review of the book for the New York Times, stating that the title is devastating and in no way can we prove that something can come from nothing. For starters, Dr. Albert is an atheist and believes that this book is arguing for his views of religion, but doing so in a dishonest way. This led Dr. Albert to write such a review over this book. After his review was published, Dr. Krauss responded to the review saying some outlandish statements, which Dr. Albert was kind enough to come and debate for us here at Benedictine College.
The first statement that Dr. Krauss makes is a statement between the relationship of philosophy and science. He says that philosophy is for people who can not do, so they teach. He goes on to say that science progress and philosophy does not. Dr. Albert responded to that by

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