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David Hume and the Idea of Cause and Effect
David Hume was an influential philosopher in the 1700s and is highly recognized for his view points on rationality as well as skepticism, philosophical imperialism and naturalism. One of his major pieces that he is most recognized for is his Enquiry of Human Understanding. In this enquiry he challenges many concepts such as our belief in cause and effect as well as belief in logical reasoning.
In his fourth enquiry, Hume is mainly addressing the idea of cause and effect. Hume begins his fourth enquiry distinguishing the difference between “matters of facts” and “relations of ideas”. He explains how relations of ideas are classified as a priori, meaning that they are logically always correct and
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“Adam, even if his reasoning abilities were perfect from the start, couldn’t have inferred from the fluidity and transparency of water that it could drown him, or from the light and warmth of fire that it could burn him” (Hume 1748). Here Hume is explaining that cause and effect is something that we instinctively do, something that we tend to believe through association. He uses the example of Adam from the beginning to time, that even though he was able to perfectly reason, he had no way of knowing what caused water or fire, or what effects they would have to him because he had never been exposed to them.
In his fifth inquiry, Hume explains how as people, we will always tend to believe in cause and effect even though it isn’t necessarily proven that two actions cause one another. He explains that if someone was thrown into life with no experiences of knowledge of anything, it would be completely impossible for them to allude to cause and effect because they would just see everything as a string of events that are unconnected. Hume later goes on to explaining that we tend to rely on custom and habits in our daily lives and believe in them even though they aren’t a logical way of reasoning. “We are inclined to behave or think in some
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