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Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction 3 2.0 Strategic analysis 3 2.1 External Analysis 3 2.1.2 The General Environment 3 2.1.4 Organizations’ competitive position 7 2.1.5 Conclusion from external analysis. 7 2.2 Internal analysis 7 2.2.1 Competitive strengths 7 2.2.2 Strategic Competitive Advantage 7 2.2.3 Conclusion internal analysis 7 2.3 Conclusion on strategic analysis 8 3.0 Strategic direction and strategic objectives 8 3.1 David Jones vision 8 3.2 David Jones mission 8 3.3 Objectives 9 3.4 Stakeholder analysis 9 4.0 Key broad business-level and international strategies 10 4.1 Ansoff’s product/ market business level strategies: 10 4.2 Miles and Snow’s strategic 11 4.3 Porter’s Competitive Strategy …show more content…
But by 2012, David Jones lost 11% to 1.87 billion (Robin, 2013). The main reason of this situation is due to economic conditions. The annual report of David Jones in 2012 said the macroeconomic condition, such as the continued financial uncertainty, and the strong Australian dollar which has affected price deflation, have impacted David Jones’ financial result. Therefore, it is obvious that the economic condition will keep affecting to David Jones over the next 3-5 years.

c) Technological analysis Technological changes affect many parts of societies (Robin, 2013).It also has affects David Jones and it will affect David Jones’ future over the next 3-5years. Thank to development of technology, David Jones can set a new future plan which is Omni channel retailing which provide the best shopping experience to customers with online, in-store, mobile application, and social commerce site. And David Jones also invests to a new Point of Sale system. The new Point of Sale will improve their customers’ service experience and significantly reduce transaction time. There are more specific information in (Appendix A) about both Omni channel retailing and new point of sales system. So, it will play a pivotal role in David Jones. Like this, the technological segment affect David Jones’ future plan a lot.

B. Opportunity and threaten
There are three main threatens facing David Jones. There are

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