Keeping Up with the Jones Essay

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Keeping Up With the Jones’s Case Study

Directions: Complete Parts 1-6 of this case study. Submit Answers to the Following Questions:

Part I: 1. What two parameters are responsible for creating the movement (filtration and reabsorption) of fluid across the capillary wall? The hydrostatic pressure (or blood pressure) and osmotic pressure (water pressure) are responsible for balancing and creating the movement of fluid across the capillary wall. 2. Find a diagram of a capillary – copy/paste and cite the source. [pic] 3. Under normal circumstances, what components of the blood cross the capillary wall?
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She has always been neglected by her parents because they pay more attention to her brother. She ran a lot but didn’t eat anything and passed out. She also weighed herself for fun. 2. Why did Suzie pass out when she stood up? She ran a lot the day before but then didn’t eat anything for breakfast. 3. Why did Suzie’s mother place Suzie’s feet on a chair? She wanted to increase the blood flow to her head and decrease it in her feet. This is why she passed out in the first place, because there was not blood flow to her head. 4. Why did Suzie feel as if she had no energy at the doctor’s office? She has not eaten anything all morning and she had drained herself the day before. 5. Make an initial speculation about Suzie’s condition at this time. Assuming that your speculation is true, what do you think the doctor will find in the results of Suzie’s physical examination? I believe Suzie may be anorexic because she didn’t eat in the morning and she was weighing herself for fun. She also fainted and her mom didn’t seem to think it was a big deal. I think the doctor will find out she is not getting the nutrients she needs.
Part III: 1. What new signs and symptoms does Suzie exhibit that would concern you if you were the doctor? She does not want to take her shoes off when she weighs and something is abnormal about her blood pressure. 2. Do you wish to
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