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The northern regions tended to have more religious beliefs. The southern regions tended believe in a church and state separation. According to "The Articles of Agreement, Springfield, Massachusetts in 1636" (Doc D), whoever entered Massachusetts had to comply with the certain articles and orders that shaped a community around God and the share of the land. The “Articles of Agreement, Springfield, Massachusetts, 1636’’ is valid document because it was basic laws. As a result of “The Articles of Agreement Springfield, Massachusetts, 1636’’, the northern region became more religiously involved with society, causing the one region to split into two. Because Virginia was becoming more of an economical region such as its tobacco farming, it…show more content…
When the Indians refused to leave, the settlers burned villages and houses, took supplies, burned cornfields, along with many other acts of cruelty. After the war, from 1614 to 1622 peace was made between the English and the Powhatans. As a result of the violence, wealthy farmers stared looking for other ways to make a profit, and tobacco was one of the crops that were grown. The start of tobacco farming resulted in a new trade for Virginia, virtually saving the colony. According to the “Ship’s list of Emigrants Bound for New England,” it shows that a majority of the people headed towards New England were families, consisting mostly of two parents and children. For example, Joseph Hull, a minister 40 years of age, brought his wife, five daughters, two sons, and three servants on March 20th, 1635 (Doc B). Most of the other Emigrants on the ship were similar. The “Ship’s list of Emigrants Bound for New England” is a valid source because it is a factual document used to keep order of the people hoping to settle in New England. Due to the information given about the travelers, it is concluded that the New Englanders are more family oriented, and are less likely to be violent. Form 1610 to 1660, 25,000 new setters came to New England, and most of them consisted of families, proving that the settlers are more focused on family and religion, instead of being successful and prosperous. Because of the family

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