Dbq : Was Magellan Worth Defending?

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DBQ: Was Magellan Worth Defending? 1519: a Spanish armada of five ships set sail that would soon be the first to circumnavigate the globe. Their captain, a Portuguese noble, was an accomplished student of cartography and astronomy. Europe’s cravings for spices sent Columbus to Asia, and into the barrier that was the Americas. Magellan’s expedition sought to find a way through, on a mission to bring a new trade route and immense wealth to Spain. Through the crew’s starvation, two mutinies against him, and his harsh personality and lack of accomplishment, Magellan proved his life was not worth saving. The crew’s starvation is the sign of Magellan’s lack of any empathy and bad captainship, which inevitably led to the crew’s attempt of…show more content…
Moreover, Document D also puts forth that, “Besides the above-named evils, this misfortune I will mention was the worst, it was that the upper and lower gums of most of our men grew [swelled] so much that they could not, eat, and in this way so many suffered, that nineteen died.” (Document D) This further shows the unnecessary suffering that befell the crew. The crew had no sane motive to save their captain’s life, who oversaw their death. Magellan’s ill-preparedness and overly-harsh personality led to him starving the crew.
The not singular but twice repeated mutiny shows the bad captainship of Magellan. In agreement, Document B describes that, “Many of the men—resentful of this cut and fearing that Magellan might lead them to their death—began to demand that the fleet return to Spain. Magellan refused, and the growing discontent eventually led to the mutiny...” (Document B) The act of mutiny shows extreme discontent with a captain, and is reasonable in this case. If the captain is this troublesome, it is not essential that he is saved. Accordingly, Document C submits to the notion that, “The trip through the strait took 38 days, during which time one of the ships, the San Antonio, deserted the fleet and returned to Spain.” (Document C) This excerpt show further discontent with the captain. If the captain’s value is questioned more than once, a decision to label his unworthiness is clear. Furthermore, Document A
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