Was Magellan Worth Defending

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Ferdinand Magellan, on April 27,1521, was he worth defending? Magellan was not worth defending on the Philippine Bay. Ever Since Magellan sailed out into the open sea, his crew was never with him, mutinies, deaths, cruelty all these were examples what happened on the sail with Magellan. What really led to his deathbed on April 27, was the Concern of his crew, Cruelty, and poor Navigational skills through the journey. First of all, Magellan did not have concern for his crew, it did not matter to him what they ate and if they died. It was surprising how he ate good food and on the other side while his crew members ate the same stale and rotten food every single day, months old food. Accordingly to a journal written by an Italian scholar, a…show more content…
But the way he led the way was ruthless. According to the “ Genoese Pilot” journal, he writes about the mutinies that broke out, the pilot writes Magellan's Orders “ Gaspar De Quesada to be decapitated and quartered;... one of those who led the mutiny”(Genoese Pilot, 1520). Magellan's example sets an example of the crew members that he does not care. So why wouldn't the crew members not find a chance to kill him. Lastly the third reason why Magellan led himself to his deathbed. Magellan’s navigational skills were poor. According to Over the Edge of the World, By Harper Collins “he regularly sent small scouting parties in the long boats”, “they would go and come back with news of the findings.. And the rest would follow” Gines de Mafra recalled. This evidence shows that Magellan had planned the way easily, but doing it was difficult. Magellan purely relied on his search parties to go throughout the way. You might argue that he still got through and reached the spice islands, but he reached there with just a handful of men in his Armada. All in all Ferdinand Magellan was not worth defending on the Philippine Bay on the day of April, 27, 1521. The way he treated his crew and his concern for them also his navigational skills prove that Magellan was not worth defending and risking your life
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