Dead Poets Society Analysis

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Never let life pass you by. Take all opportunities that life provides and live life to the fullest. The movie “Dead Poets Society” is about young men comprehending all that life has to offer. Welton Academy is an all-boys school that focuses on preserving order and instructing students on what the academy believes is important in life. Welton has narrowed their priorities into what they’ve entitled the four pillars, tradition, discipline, excellence, and honor. Students are expected to keep order and not violate any of the pillars. With this, all of the boys that graduate from Welton adopt a reputation of well-behaved and mature young men. The students are not exposed to a normal high school environment and are taught strictly from a textbook. This is until a new English teacher, John Keating, is employed at the school. Mr. Keating is the kink in the four pillars to Welton Academy. Instead of teaching from the text book, he tells the boys one phrase that makes them think differently, “Seize the day”. He revealed to the boys that there is more in life than what is being revealed to them. “Dead Poets Society” contains the theme of seizing the day or not letting life pass by. This relates to the movie because Mr. Keating exposes his students to events that they have never witnessed before and reveals all the opportunities life has to offer. The movie “Dead Poets Society” focuses on living life and taking all opportunities life provides. In the movie, Mr. Keating
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