Transcendentalism In Dead Poets Society

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Transcendentalism is a literary movement in the 1830s that suggest that every individual is capable discovering higher truth through intuition. Transcendentalist live by 5 tenets which are the importance of nature, self-reliance, simplicity, self-trust/confidence, and nonconformity. The movie Dead Poets Society is about a teacher who teaches his group of students how to live transcendental. The movie shows great acts of transcendentalism through each of the characters using the different tenets. Mr. Keating and Knox Overstreet in dead poets society shows that living transcentally is worth the consequences. Mr. Keating's actions of nonconformity in the movie Dead Poets Society benefitted his character in many ways. Mr.Keating was the poetry teacher of a group of boys who used to be in “Dead Poets Society” who chose to live transcentally. In his class he encouraged the boys to do whatever they want to do, to believe in themselves, and not follow the crowd. He told them to seize the day no matter what and just like Thoreau you should “[l]ive each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each”(Thoreau). As you live each day you should live it as simply as possible and live each like it was your last. Each of the boys in the Dead Poets Society benefited from living tanscentally with the help from Mr.Keating. One of the boys got the girl of his dreams and another got the confidence to stand up for

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