Dead Poets Society Reflection

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The Dead Poets Society is a tale about a small secrete club established in an all-male preparatory school. In the beginning of the movie the school’s newest English teacher arrives, Mr. Keating, a former student at the school. The students discover his teaching methods are rather untraditional as he would have his students tear pages out of the textbook to march around the courtyard. One of the main lessons of Mr. Keating’s lecture was the aspect of carpe diem or seize the day. In the beginning of the movie, several boys find Mr. Keating’s yearbook and discover that he was in The Dead Poets Society. This club was reintroduced by several boys: Neil Perry, Todd Anderson, Charlie Dalton, Knox Overstreet, Steven Meeks, Richard Cameron, and Gerard Pitts. Once the Dead Poets Society is established each boy starts on their own ambitious adventure regarding love or their dreams. When each boy is tested with one of their adventures they think of Mr. Keating’s words, carpe diem, and they peruse their challenge. In the story Todd Anderson struggles with his shyness and the idea that his thoughts are meaningless. While others such as Knox Overstreet fall in love with a girl who he should never peruse. Neil Perry, disobeys his father and tries to peruse his dream of becoming an actor however, when Neil’s father condemns the idea of Neil performing in the play. At the end of the movie, the boys achieve their ambitions. Neil performs in the play however; Neil’s father is present and

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