Deadbeat Dads Analysis

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The definition of a Deadbeat is a parent of either gender who have freely chosen not to be supportive parents or who do not pay their child support obligations. The most common criticism is the term itself which many view as scornful and insulting. In the state of Arizona, the policies involving child support are not aimed specifically at “Deadbeat Dads” and instead focus equally on mother’s and father’s. Due to this, I found it difficult to find information pertaining only to fathers. However, after thorough research and based on the text ““Deadbeat Dads”: Irresponsible Parents or Political Scapegoats?” I can understand why fathers are more often targeted considering they make up the vast majority of noncustodial parents.
The system that exists in the state of Arizona is the DCSS (The Arizona Division of Child Support Services). Certain conditions must be met in order for a parent to be publicly listed. Such conditions include: issued …show more content…

For example, if the location of the parent is unknown it seems clear that they are not putting in the effort to try and fight their case. However, presuming that there are parents who truly do want to be good parents, perhaps a more enlightened system focused less on enforcement and more on involvement would make them more eager to be involved in their children’s lives. As far as the child’s involvement goes, I can only assume it must be quite damaging to their emotional and social development to feel that a parent is neglecting them. One advantage of these policies is that if a parent is able to meet their child support payment requirements, the custodial parent will have more income leading to an overall better lifestyle for the child. Enforcement of these policies may also lead the Deadbeat parent to try harder in being involved in their child’s life, which would greatly improve the overall happiness and well being of the

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