Argumentative Essay On Child Support

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Child support is by far the most common thing in America. Families which include both parents are slowly dying out. Although raising a child in a single family home might be easy to some, it is actually pretty stressful for those who aren’t financially stabled. I could go into many details and situations regarding child support due to the fact that my siblings are either on the supporting side or the one who needs the support. Child support is a very big deal to me because I do feel that if the other parent doesn’t want to be in that child’s life then the least they could do is give money to the care giver so that child is not going without, especially in the infant stage. So to start out, what is child support? Child support is a court …show more content…

When you think about child support, many people immediately think the father is the one not paying it. Little do we know a father can defiantly file child support to the child’s biological mother. The problem with child support is the courts don’t really enforce it the way they should. If the parent who is being asked to pay the child support is financially stabled, they should not be able to hire a lawyer, go to court and try to appeal. I do not feel that it is fair to the parent who is actually with that child twenty-four seven, and it is definitely not fair to the child, because they did not ask to be here. If it took two people to lie down and conceive the child then it should take two people to actually take care of the child.
Another problem is the fact that since the courts is not enforcing the parent to pay child support; the parent thinks that they can continue blowing it off and living their life as if nothing happened. Child support has been given a bad rep for as long as I can remember due to the fact that many people who are filed for it aren’t paying it the way they should be and it makes the parent who is actually caring for the child upset because they are left taking care of that child by themselves and left struggling.
This problem relates to communication based off what we have discussed in class by failure of relationships. This begins with the dyadic process which is the beginning of the breakdown in the two communications. Where it goes

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