Deadpool Movie Conflict

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Deadpool tells the origin story of Marvel’s most unconventional anti-hero, Deadpool, who is famous for breaking the fourth wall. Wade Wilson, a former special force operatives, turned mercenary, is diagnosed with terminal cancer. A mysterious man tells Wade he can be cured. Wade ends up being subjected to a rogue experiment, leaving him with accelerated healing, he then adopts the alter ego Deadpool. Wilson then goes after the evil scientist who did this to him. It is a captivating tale, with such wonderful plot structure, plenty of conflict and such well developed characters. This is a must see for anyone mature enough to watch it.

There is a large amount of conflict in this movie, most of it is man vs man. Some examples of man vs man in …show more content…

There are flat, static characters such as Angel Dust who is seen as hot-tempered, and has superhuman strength. Francis is simply evil, and feels nothing physically or emotionally. Colossus is seen as wise and kind, he just wants what’s best for Wade. Although Weasel is a static character, he doesn’t change at all or learn anything, he is also round. Weasel is seen as brave and selfless when he lies to Francis about knowing Wade’s whereabouts, but also seen as selfish and cowardly when Wade is going off to fight Francis Weasel says “I'd come with you, but I don't wanna.” There are also round and dynamic characters such as Negasonic Teenage Warhead, she is originally seen as basically a grouchy teen, she doesn’t seem like she wants to be there, everything with her is either a long sullen silence or a mean comment, but in the end she ends up helping Wade save Vanessa and saving Colossus’ life. In the beginning Vanessa seems tough and emotionally isolated, she was a prostitute with childhood issues, but when Wade is diagnosed with Cancer we see her as caring and intelligent. When Wade and Vanessa meet up after he kills Francis, she is seen as delicate and sensitive, she was extremely upset that Wade had left her, despite her seeming to not care about anyone in the beginning, hence she is quite round and dynamic.Wade is the most round and dynamic character in the film, in the movie we first see him as a mercenary for hire, doing small jobs such as scaring away stalkers, so he is seen as serious. He is also quite arrogant at the time. He is also selfish and materialistic, doing these jobs only for money, he is called a hero by someone who hired him and he says “that is something I am not.” The workshop left him horribly disfigured and virtually unkillable meaning physical change. The workshop also changed him mentally, including psychosis and mental instability. The workshop left him traumatized, insecure, with

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