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The Deaf Community All around us there is sound, whether it takes the form of birds chirping, people talking, or dogs barking. Every day we wake up to an abundance of sound. Hearing is a part of our senses and what if that was taken from us, or we were born without it? There are many people who have never had the luxury of hearing the sound of music or the voices of their loved ones. It easy to think that having a deaf child or losing your hearing is a tragedy. Cristina Hartmann said, “Make no mistake: my deafness was no curse. It shaped my perspective of the world, and I 'm glad for it. For me, deafness opened up new worlds, rather than the other way around.” The deaf community is a very strong and active community that do not look at being deaf as a disability. What exactly is the deaf community? The deaf community is a group of individuals that are direct, expressional, and protective of their community. They have their own language and social cues and with this knowledge we can learn to interact with them in a more effective way. Deaf people are explicit in their communication even if it seems offensive. The Deaf are direct because of the grammatical structure of Sign Language. Sign Language is composed of facial expressions, eye contact, and body language. If a deaf person wanted to relay that someone had gained weight it would be followed by their hands extending from their stomach. In the

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