Dealing With The Lonely Life

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Dealing With the Lonely Life The Sun Also Rises written by Ernest Hemmingway was a lonely and depressing book. Ernest Hemmingway was a member of the Lost Generation, and his style of writing is complex. Each of his passages has hidden symbols, and meanings, and the reader might not understand his passage through one read. His writing is also more descriptive than many other authors. Ernest Hemmingway’s message throughout the book was loneliness. The mood of The Sun Also Rises is gloomy, dim, depressing, and mournful. The book is never uplifting. The characters in the book such as Jake Barnes, Robert Cohn, Mike Campbell, and Lady Brett Ashley all have a sense of loneliness. Each of the characters have something missing in their lives, and …show more content…

They were drinking and talking to each other in Paris. They were trying their best to have a good time, even though they were sheltering their sorrow. The guys were trying to see who could settle down with Brett. Near the end of the story each of the characters split up, and none of the men settled down with her. They each go their separate ways. Each of the characters came to Paris alone, and they all left alone. Jake, Robert and Mike were all trying to have a companion to settle down with, and each of the characters are still lonely. “As a roller came I dove, swam out under water” (Hemmingway 238). “I swam out to the raft, pulled myself up, and lay on the hot planks” (238). In this passage each of his lines are singular. In fact there are fifteen first person pronouns. The reader can figure out that Jake Barnes is alone. Jake feels comfortable in being alone. He chooses loneliness as his way of life. Hemmingway message to the reader that one has the choice of being lonely. If one chooses this path one will be like Jake Barnes. While Jake is by himself at the beach. Jake shows the reader that he is fine through his observations, but he is really lonely. “Then I tried several dives. I dove deep once swimming down to the bottom” (239). He is empty, he tries his best to find a solution. He dives deep though the ocean, but he still can’t find what he is looking for. There is something missing. “I swam with my eyes open and it was green and dark (239)”. Because he

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