Dealing With The Lonely Life

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Dealing With the Lonely Life The Sun Also Rises written by Ernest Hemmingway was a lonely and depressing book. Ernest Hemmingway was a member of the Lost Generation, and his style of writing is complex. Each of his passages has hidden symbols, and meanings, and the reader might not understand his passage through one read. His writing is also more descriptive than many other authors. Ernest Hemmingway’s message throughout the book was loneliness. The mood of The Sun Also Rises is gloomy, dim, depressing, and mournful. The book is never uplifting. The characters in the book such as Jake Barnes, Robert Cohn, Mike Campbell, and Lady Brett Ashley all have a sense of loneliness. Each of the characters have something missing in their lives, and they deal with it on their own. As they are together they keep their feelings sheltered. By holding in pain and sorrow, it only makes the characters worse. Hemingway shows loneliness through the passage in which Jake is alone at the beach. Jake has no companion with him. He observes a happy couple, while he is in solitude. He does not attempt to cure his loneliness, he accepts the fact of being alone. Loneliness is displayed throughout the passage in which Hemmingway shows the repetition of the word I, and the couple which Jake encounters. Jake Barnes shows separation of the world around him, because of the author’s repetition of the word I. Up until this point, Jake is in the company of others Jake, Robert, Brett, and Mike were…
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