Dear Ceo And Board Of Trustees Essay

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CEO Paper
Karen Cyphers
Organizational Leadership
Professor Poore
November 19, 2016

CEO Paper
November 23, 2016
Dear CEO and Board of Trustees
As you are aware, on April 20, 2010, explosions occurred in the Gulf of Mexico sinking the Deepwater Horizon oil rig and tragically killed 11 people This oil spill is now considered the worst oil spill in United States history. During the search and rescue, an underwater camera was discovered which revealed a leak in the BP pipeline. Because the well is located approximately 5,000 feet beneath the deep, dark sea with temperatures just above freezing and extremely high pressure, it made it almost impossible to repair the leak. It wasn’t until July 15, 2010, that divers were able to cap the well, however, by this time approximately 3 million barrels of gas and oil had already leaked into the Gulf.
The oil that has escaped the well has now spread throughout the ocean and some have floated to the top forming oil slicks on the surface which are being pushed by the wind and spreading rapidly damaging deep sea corals and other ecosystems. In order to contain the spill and begin to clean up, BP must quickly devise a plan of action to prevent further damage, destruction and loss of marine life. I have been obtained as a consultant by BP global to advise the CEO of BP during the oil spill disaster. This letter contains recommendations outlining the optimal leadership approach which will be most effective in the handling

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